Fit's more fun with friends.

SideFit helps you find a workout buddy in your area with similar fitness and activity goals as you. Go and make a new friend with shared interests today!

So, what exactly is SideFit?

SideFit connects you with a workout buddy in your local area. It is an all-inclusive app for individuals looking to reach their health and fitness goals with like-minded people.

If your goal is to find the motivation to lose weight or get fit; enter a sporting or fitness competition; try a new sport; exercise to relieve stress and anxiety; or make new friends- SideFit is for you!

What features does SideFit have?

Tailored to You

SideFit is all about your choice. Find people with similar interests in a radius up to 100km. Control your hobbies in your profile, the distance and preference of gender of your potential matches. Want to be more specific? Add some details about yourself to your profile to give it some personality; tell people your goals, level of fitness and the type of workout partner you're after.

Easy to Use

Swipe right to make a new friend. It's as easy as that. Schedule workouts, send messages, decide on locations and invite new (and old!) friends all from within the application.

Integrated Calendar, Messenger and Maps

Made a friend? Great! You can use the integrated messenger in SideFit to find out more about them. Want to organise a session or activity? Use the inbuilt calendar to set a time and place for you both. Speaking of places, why not set a location while you're there? It'll update both of your calendars. Don’t know how to get there? Tap the address and be taken to Google Maps for directions.

Private & Secure

We care about your privacy. That's why you can activate or deactivate your profile at any time. It's also secure, using Facebook as a service to help connect you with real profiles.

Download our app here:

What do people think about SideFit?


"SideFit is amazing. I've been able to stick to my routine with no problems!"

Zane Law


"It's easy to beat your PB when you've got people cheering you on."

Andrea Wilton


"I met my new best friend through SideFit. Hard to beat that."

Avery White